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The Accounting Policy Documents, Checklists and Ready-to-use Templates You Need to Carry Out Your Role ... All 100% legally compliant and updated

Instantly at your fingertips on just one million Rand CD-ROM!

And we have 73 to give away today for just R995 (excl VAT and postage) to the first people who reply!

With a value of an incredible R995 excl VAT and postage (R1 202.70 including VAT and postage), the Digital Accountancy Guide will save you thousands of Rands in consultants fees, potential fines and will help you eliminate fraud in your company...

... and could HALVE the time you spend searching for documents, checking for the correct up-to-date accounting standards and preparing documents and templates, like your financial statements.
 The Digital Accountancy Guide:

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Gives you INSTANT access to the accounting records you must legally have, checklists, and document templates you need. Fully updated and legally compliant.

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Lets you quickly edit documents like job descriptions and source documents to your own company needs before you print out or use them.

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Provides the perfect ready-to-use information for your business from a fraud risk assessment management questionnaire, to your Management Account template.


Dear Accounting Professional,

If there’s one thing that could make your life easier, then it’s got to be this quite brilliant Digital Accountancy Guide!
Dealing with company finances and accounts is one of the most important functions in your company.
Fixed assets, capital depreciation, cash flows, bookkeeping entries, annual financial statements, reconciliations, administrative accounting, tax and VAT are just a small part of your daily job. If you make one small mistake, it could cost your company thousands or expose you to a SARS Audit.

Your job isn’t an easy one. Ultimately you have to be informed on the latest developments in tax, VAT and new accounting and reporting standards.

The Digital Accountancy Guide is a unique, practical guide that will give you advice, solutions, control checklists and tips to make your job easier. And I can guarantee that at least one of the tips or checklists WILL save your company money.

Even many of the jobs you might currently outsource to external Accountancy experts could easily and expertly be dealt with in-house using the information on this CD-ROM.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Paterson

Analyse your financial statements and identify errors
... in just 3 easy steps

iconNo more searching on the internet for the latest information, which may be unreliable anyway...
iconNo more searching through filing cabinets...
iconNo more spending thousands for just a few hours consultation fees...


It's simple:

Step 1: Put your relevant CD-ROM into your computer

Step 2: Look up the information you need

Step 3: Read the chapter and follow the easy step-by-step advice to make sure you analyse your financial statements and spot the errors before you submit them to SARS! In just this chapter, you’ll find out:

  • How to analyse your financial statements, using ratios, to identify red flag problem area before it’s too late.
  • How to analyse the profitability of your business.
  • How to measure the return on your investment.
  • How to measure your financial risk.

 Because let’s face it, your Accounting role
is not exactly an easy one!


Right now, the headaches, stress, time-drainers and financial costs of your company include:

Having to constantly stay on top of changes and updates being made to laws and regulations – and implement these changes;

Eliminating fraud in your company;

Keeping on top of paperwork

Eliminating accounting errors; and


Paying for consultants – and the constant fear of fines and penalties from SARS.

With the Digital Accountancy Guide, you’ll easily be able to:

Make sure you’re reporting in accordance to the correct accounting reporting framework;

Work smarter, reduce your workload and save time;

Implement internal controls in your creditors, debtors, fixed assets, Internet banking, inventory, payroll and production and reduce your risk of fraud; and


Improve your cash flow and eliminate simple accounting mistakes

Make sure there’s no stone left unturned

No matter what your line of business is, we can help you with your accounting practices:

Accounting records
Accounting reports
Audit preparation
Internal controls
Capital investments
Employee benefits and costs
Financial statements analysis
Funding your business
Leases: Operating lease versus a finance lease


All you’ll have to do to get instant access to all these files below and over 100 more, is to place the CD-ROM in your computer and search for the information you need like:

  • Sample job descriptions;
  • Monthly accounts: Complete checklist;
  • Risk assessment: Management questionnaire;
  • Source documents; and
  • Checklists: Year-end reversals.

  Order Your Copy NOW Before They Sell Out

Carry out all your accounting tasks yourself, quickly and easily

Also included in your Digital Accountancy Guide you’ll find practical tips, advice and tools to make your accounting tasks a breeze.

Save hours of exasperation, time-wasting and searching

Thanks to the clever design of the Digital Accountancy Guide, you’ll very quickly be able to find every item you’re looking for!

With cash flow crippling fines from SARS... IT ISN’T WORTH THE RISK

For instance, how sure are you that your trial balance is error free?

If it isn’t, your financial statements will also be incorrect. This means:

  • Your accounting practices won’t meet your reporting standard such as IFRS and IFRS for SMEs;
  • You could declare incorrect taxable income to SARS, which means fines and penalties;
  • You won’t have a correct picture of your company’s finances, and will make bad decisions that will strain your cash flow;
  • Your company won’t be compliant with the Companies Act of 2008 and the Income Tax Act; and
  • You’ll give an incorrect picture of your company’s finances – and look guilty of fraud!
But don’t despair. We’ll help you tackle the problems in drawing up correct financial statements with the Digital Accountancy Guide

  Order Your Copy NOW Before They Sell Out

Do you know why Gail doesn't spend R10 000 a month on bookkeeping fees?

Gail is a GP who’s just opened her own private practice. She’s trying to save money on admin costs. So she’s doing her books herself.
She thinks: “How hard can it be?” The answer: “It’s very hard unless you’ve got the right tools at your fingertips!”
The Digital Accountancy Guide is just one of those tools. With everything from checklists about how to prepare for an audit, to detailed explanations about financial statement and even a step-by-step guide to business rescue, the Digital Accountancy Guide is your one-stop accountancy resource!

With a value of R2 940 and potential savings of 10 TIMES that amount... You can’t afford to be without it!

If you’d had to buy all the resources in this Digital Accountancy Guide individually, the total bill would come in at R4 545. And that’s just the start of your saving.

By purchasing this Digital Accountancy Guide at today’s very special offer of just R995 excl VAT and postage (R1 202.70 incl VAT and postage), you’ll be able to make yourself and your company multiple savings time and time again throughout the year.

Here are 6 reasons why you should order the Digital Accountancy Guide!
1) You'll be 100% up-to-date on the accounting and reporting standards!
Use the Digital Accountancy Guide to find out what the accounting and reporting standards are to avoid situations that invalidate your company records. Every topic in the Guide is discussed in detail and supported by several examples showing you how to cope with even the most difficult accounting scenarios.

2) You can rely on the opinions and tips given by our Accounting experts
Our authors are top-class accounting experts. Each piece of information is verified by an independent consultant so you can rely 100% on the quality of the advice given.

3) You can consult an Accounting expert every day – 24 hours a day
You can make use of accounting expertise every time you need it. It’s always at your disposal – simply lying on your desk. Don’t look for a solution yourself or risk making an expensive error, when you can use the Digital Accountancy Guide instead. You can read about how a particular problem is seen by the experts. You can turn their knowledge and experience to your benefit as often as you want or need.

4) FREE unlimited subscription to our daily Tax Bulletin e-letter.
Every day we will email you the Tax Bulletin. This email newsletter is part of your Loose Leaf and will keep you informed with up-to-date information on any amendments to VAT and Tax regulations that may impact on your work.
5) Receive your free booklet… 25 Checklists to assess and reduce your PAYE, SDL and UIF tax risks
This booklet will help the accountant manage and reduce the risks associated with PAYESDL and UIF specifically. There are 25 checklists that cover these different risk areas.

6) Accounting Toolkit CD
This CD ROM comes with at least 40 forms, schedules, templates and checklists for accounting, to save you time and money.

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